Tiger Fighting October 7 News Real Madrid forward Vinicius accepted an interview with RMTV's Real Madrid Conecta program yesterday

Tiger Fighting 10月7日新闻皇家马德里前锋Vinicius昨天接受了RMTV的皇家马德里Conecta节目采访

"I am very satisfied with my own state and the state of our team. Now we occupy the top position, but we still need to continue to work hard and do better. Because this season is a little different from the past. There was only one warm-up match and the start was difficult. I hope that after the end of the international game day, everything will change.


"In the game against Levante, I had sufficient preparation time before scoring a goal. I was able to control the ball well, and knew where to play and where to play. This goal was very happy because it not only opened up the situation. , And it also allows us to win, which is also the most important."

“在与莱万特的比赛中,我有足够的准备时间才能进球。我能够很好地控制球,知道在哪里踢球,在哪里踢球。这个目标非常令人高兴,因为它不仅打开了局面。 ,这也使我们获胜,这也是最重要的。”

"I am not afraid of making mistakes. I will still stick to my style and continue to play like this. This is also to give back to everyone's trust in me and help my team. It is precisely this style that we are not afraid of making mistakes and dare to attack. Help my team in times of weakness or deadlock."


"When I joined Real Madrid, I was only 18 years old. I only played in Flamenco for a year in the professional league. Everything was brand new. I am still learning and improving. As a newcomer, the club is also Has been helping me, making me better and able to help the team better."


"Usually I also pay attention to training and maintenance, not only in the club, but also at home, such as eating and resting, to ensure the best condition, so as to help the team."


Vinicius is also full of praise for his partner experience with Benzema:


"The feeling of working with Benzema is dreamy. He is my idol. It is a rare experience to be able to play football with him. We often discuss how to play football together. He will also give me suggestions to make me better. Benzema has been helping me since I joined and allowing me to make the right game choices. Playing with these players is like a dream. I also hope to seize this opportunity, learn from them, and follow their suggestions. ."


“It’s a great honor to work with Qi Zu. He often communicates with us and makes everything clear to us. Qi Zu will give everyone time and let us have the opportunity to play. This is also a way to ensure that everyone can be convinced. Everyone knows they will have a chance."


Regarding the upcoming national derby, Vinicius said:


"This time the national derby will be very strange and rare, but we know that even if there are no fans, we still need to focus. This game may decide the championship, just like last season. Although there are no fans, they will be at home. Give us strength, the fans are in our hearts."


Finally, regarding the goal of this season, Vinicius said: "There is no doubt that we want to win the Triple Crown. This is also unprecedented in Real Madrid's history. This is our current goal. Real Madrid's goal this season is to win everything. Champion."