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   The threat of COVID-19 is worrisome. The Rio Olympic mixed doubles silver medalists Chen Bingyu and Wu Liuying, who have sponsors to support Malaysia until next year, therefore remain cautious about going abroad. Chen Bingluo even admitted that if the cost of testing and quarantine for 14 days are required at their own expense, this is a great burden. They need at least the prize money to advance to the semi-finals to just cover all the costs of the competition.


   As a free agent, Lu Ying, who does not have a fixed allowance of the Badminton Association, said frankly that the BWF never mentioned the details of the cost of testing and 14 days of isolation before and after the competition.


Wu Liuying said: "The BWF did not disclose the detailed participation plan to the players. If the competition is concentrated in one place, who will pay for the local testing and quarantine costs? We can accept that the quarantine must be accepted, but whether the training and expenses during the quarantine are paid by the country Or will the BWF pay? If the BWF has a detailed plan that makes us feel well-rounded, of course we are willing to participate."


Chen Bingluo added: "In fact, this has a greater impact on free agents, because we only have the support of sponsors, we don’t have any competitions and we don’t have any bonus income, but epidemic prevention measures such as testing and quarantine will add extra costs. If these costs are to be paid by us Pay by ourselves. We need to qualify for the semi-finals or finals at least to participate in the competition. The prize money won is enough to pay for the high participation costs. Unless the Badminton Federation or the BWF are willing to fund players, but the BWF never mentioned the need to fund the players, even in isolation I didn't tell the players whether I could train or not."


In addition, the Asian Tour and the year-end finals at 3 stations in Bangkok, Thailand have been postponed from November to January next year. This also means that the team that decided not to participate in the Danish Open from October 13 to 18 will no longer be this year. There are any international competitions available.


   Regarding football, NBA, tennis and other events have been restarted, but there are no badminton players to participate in, Chen Bingyu said that he would not feel "jealous" because of the great risks and hidden worries in the flying journey abroad.


He explained: "Football leagues such as the Premier League are only played in the country. The NBA is also where all the teams are brought together to play. However, participating in international badminton tournaments requires the risk of flying. If it is only played in Malaysia, we We can accept it. We don’t know what damage the crown disease will cause to athletes. This is what worries us."


   Wu Liuying said with a smile that Chen Bingyuan will have more time to spend time with his wife and four children. She also agrees that although she is eager to compete, health should be the first priority. After all, many athletes have been diagnosed with coronary disease.


   Chen Bingyu also said that everyone has different ideas. Although European players said that the badminton tournament must be restarted because no one can guarantee that the tournament will be held in January next year, there will still be some players who are still not ready. However, in fact, he and Wu Liuying have signed up for the Asian Tour in Thailand, but the tournament has been postponed.